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​Our Services

Whether you’re searching for tree removal in Alexandria, VA, tree trimming in Arlington, VA, or just a general tree doctor in northern Virginia, we’ve got you covered. We offer tree removal in Fairfax, VA, tree removal in Arlington, VA. We encourage visitors to explore out website to learn more about the wide variety of services we offer, but a full list of our wide range of residential and commercial offerings are below. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at (703) 719-0600 or fill out the form for a free estimate, which is located at the bottom of this page.

tree removal Alexandria VA
  • Tree Removal in Alexandria, VA and Beyond

  • Free Estimates and Quick Response

  • 24-hour Emergency Services

  • Integrated Pest Management

  • Tree-Trimming and Structural Pruning

  • All Jobs Guaranteed and Completed in a Professional Manner

  •  References Upon Request



  • Specializing in Large Commercial Projects

  • Consultation for Commercial Managers and HOAs

  • State-of-the-Art Equipment

  • Certified Arborist on Staff

  • All Jobs Guaranteed and Finished on Time

Other Services


We also have other services as the true tree doctor of Northern Virginia!


  • Stump-Grinding

  • Deep Root Fertilization

  • Tree Removal in Fairfax County, VA; Alexandria, VA and Arlington County, VA, Montgomery County MD

Call us: ​(703) 719-0600

We welcome residential and commercial clients alike. The scope of our services means that the various tree-related needs can be addressed before they pose a health problem or structural hazard. It’s this type of work that allows our company to help clients complete aesthetic-related projects or take down troublesome trees. The only to find out what’s really going on within your plot of land is to consult AAA Tree Service for professional insight and project guidance.


Whatever your tree doctor needs in northern VA might be, we're available to provide you with the best tree-removal and trimming services in the region. If you have any questions about tree removal in Arlington, VA and other parts of northern VA, we are available to assist you in any way that we can. Contact us today at (703) 719-0600 to speak with a tree doctor in northern VA today! Our years of industry experience allow for customers with tree-related needs to finally tackle those big projects thanks to expert help.

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