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Fall Tree Care Tips to Get Your Trees Ready for Winter

It is beautiful in Alexandria, VA and the rest of Northern Virginia right now as the fall foliage colors decorate the area. Although the foliage can be stunning, it is also a warning sign that the colder months are just ahead. Now is the time to care for your trees, so they are prepared for the harsh winter weather.

If you haven’t done so already, you may want to consider inquiring about tree service in Alexandria, VA or your local municipality in Northern Virginia. Licensed arborists can inspect trees on you property and provide tips on what should be done to keep them at their healthiest. Arborists can also identify whether any trees are sick, dying, or are infested with insects and require treatment or outright removal.

Fall Tree Care Tips

Prune Your Trees: Tree care experts and the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) recommend that trees be pruned in the fall months when there are no leaves on the branches. Pruning is essential to protecting the health of the tree, but it is important to know that every tree requires different pruning. This is why we recommend you inquire about professional tree service in Alexandria, VA, so the pruning is done correctly.

Put Mulch Down Under Your Trees: Mulch is great for your trees because it acts like a protective covering, so the soil underneath the tree isn’t exposed to extreme cold. It also helps the tree retain water, which is often forgotten about during the winter months. Speaking of that…

Water Your Trees: Droughts do occur in the winter as well, which is why we recommend watering your trees from time to time when the temperatures are above freezing. You can also plant new trees around this time of year to stimulate root growth.

Brace Weak Tree Limbs to Prepare for Severe Weather: While you should have dead or diseased limbs pruned off the tree, some limbs may just be weak and not necessarily need to be pruned. However, you will need to protect these limbs by cabling or bracing them to provide extra support.

Need help preparing your trees for fall? We encourage you to contact our team today at (703) 719-0600 to learn more about our services and to request a free estimate.

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